Introduction of Ariyan Ertebat Caspian Company

In Ariyan Ertebat Caspian technical knowledge and design of the best industrial air conditioners are used in various sectors, including telecommunications, mines, and containers. The research and development team of industrial air conditioning technology produces suitable products for customers. Soubatan industrial air conditioners have attracted customers in Iran, the Persian Gulf countries and the Middle East. We have been able to improve customer service to cool telecommunication sites etc. To provide the best solution, Ariyan Ertebat Caspian has also produced air conditioners for customers in three models: AC-DC and AC/CD. Low depreciation and cost-effective maintenance of these air conditioners have drastically reduced maintenance costs.
years of continuous attempt in

designing industrial Cooling Solution


Energy consumption rating

Use of compressors suitable for tropical conditions and refrigerant cooling R134a

Design based on solution

Design and production based on customer needs, the amount of heat defined in the environment, optimal changes in dimensions

Energy efficiency

Use of temperature sensor and ambient temperature control, day and night temperature monitoring, programming and monitoring capabilities

What We Offers

High power cooling systems

High power cooling suitable for exhibition space, large greenhouses and storage halls  

Cooling for transportation

Cooling system for storage and transportation of food, milk, warehouses

Special cooling systems

Special cooling systems for oil rigs, refineries, data centers and special spaces

Easy to use

Quick and easy installation with minimal change in installation location or tent spaces


Full support for products up to 5 years and parts supply for up to 10 years    

Solution Oriented

Has a research and development team, the ability to design and produce based on customer needs